Editor’s Note:

This post was prepared by Susan A. Choe, Deputy Director & General Counsel, The Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation.

Federal bank examiners will now provide positive CRA consideration under the investment test for interest paid above the market rate on Ohio IOLTAs (“interest on lawyer trust accounts”) and IOTAs (“interest on title agent trust accounts”). This development was confirmed by the Cleveland office of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and representatives of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.  Confirmation was sought by the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation to reinforce support for Ohio’s legal aids during a time of declining revenues and increased demand for legal aid.

Since the mid-1980’s, IOLTAs and IOTAs have been used to fund civil legal aid for Ohioans who cannot afford an attorney. In this way, civil legal aid ensures fairness in the justice system regardless of how much money a person has.

For more information on CRA investment credits related to IOLTA or IOTA accounts, please contact Susan Choe, Esq., Deputy Director and General Counsel for the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation, by email to schoe@olaf.org.