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Newly Effective HVCRE Loan Rules

Lenders who finance commercial real estate exposures should be aware of new regulations that impose harsher capital requirements on certain “high volatility commercial real estate,” or HVCRE, exposures. In June 2013, the FDIC, OCC, and Federal Reserve jointly approved proposed rules intended to implement new international banking standards, known as the Basel III Capital Accords, … Continue Reading


In early July, the FDIC issued a report on an important subject to many community bankers: brokered deposits. The report to Congress, dated July 8, 2011, was required under Dodd-Frank and describes its view of the present role of brokered deposits in banking. Critical, of course, is the FDIC’s observation that bank failures are frequently linked to … Continue Reading

SEC Whistleblower Rules

In mid-August the SEC’s new whistleblower rules will take effect (click here for the Final Rule).  The new rules explain and further define the requirements of a whistleblower program that has been in place since the Dodd-Frank Act took effect on July 21, 2010. In general, anyone who provides information to the SEC relating to a … Continue Reading

Whistleblowing Galore Under the Dodd-Frank Act

Congress’ recent passage and President Obama’s signing of the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” provides significant incentives for financial industry whistleblowers to assist the government root out fraudulent practices and other unlawful conduct in the industry. Supporters of the Dodd-Frank Act are praising its expansive whistleblower protections as a necessary good corporate-citizen … Continue Reading